Elementary, Dear Data

EP # 03
TZ Release: 02/06/2013
US Airdate: 05/12/1988
Stardate 42286.3

The Enterprise is threatened by an intelligent holographic version of Professor Moriarty, after Geordi creates a Sherlock Holmes program capable of defeating Data…

The Trekzone Review

The first episode to think about holographic rights. Are these characters just computer generated figures made of nothing more than light? I’d love to delve deeper into the topic, but not right now. For the moment, I think that when you create holoprogram with this level of intensity (the ability to stump Data, not Holmes) you should expect the unexpected.

This episode also, finally, helped to calm Pulaski down about Data being a person and she grew a little bit as a character… more than the two dimensional Doctor of the previous 2 episodes. I guess Pulaski’s dialogue, and the reason I never liked her, really served to make the audience think about Data and robots in general. How will we approach their human rights in the coming years?

As for the piece of paper that Moriarty gives Data, the drawing of the Enterprise, quite possibly with the overriding nature of the program… perhaps the paper wasn’t holographic?

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