Encounter At Farpoint

EP # 01
TZ Release: 15/05/2013
US Airdate: 28/09/1987

Embarking on their first mission, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D meet the super-being Q, who tasks them with discovering the truth behind a mysterious new starbase…

The Trekzone Review

Wowee!! I wonder whether this is what it was like to watch first run… I’ve never seen the D look so gorgeous and elegant. And the film print has come up very nicely! The first encounter with Q and everyone on the bridge too.

I always find it cringeworthy to watch early Star Trek, they refer a lot to old concepts and the acting a little forced. But since this is the first time I’ve seen Encounter at Farpoint for at least four or five years, it’s a change I can get used to.

By the way, Data’s eyes have come out very yellow in this transfer… interesting. At the court, something that I’d never seen before – there is a strip of the division colour on the end of the pants.

The episode keeps me on the hook, fast paced… even though I know what’s going to happen. Even the models stand up well to the HD treatment… and Crusher’s hair! It’s red-er. Tapping sounds are alot more like clicks at the moment.

I’d forgotten about DeForest Kelley’s cameo in this episode, such a bittersweet moment as he hands over the ship to Data. Also, the first mention of the Ferengi… trying to build them as the “enemy of the series” – unfortunatley that didn’t pan out…

Finishing off the episode, I cannot wait for the next episodes… and especially what I know will come – noteably the Borg…

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