Ephraim and Dot

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After laying her eggs in the Enterprise‘s warp core, Ephraim, a young Tardigrade, is ejected from the ship by it’s security drone Dot. When the ship enters warp and leaves, the chase is on to catch up with it before the eggs hatch.

The journey, takes Ephraim through much of the history of Captain Kirk’s five year mission…

The Trekzone Review

Now this was just fun. Sure, there were a few inaccuracies with the animation that Michael acknowledged following the release (the saucer decals being off center as one glaring anomaly) but I can overlook those for the pure joy that this animation brought us.

We saw a tardigrade – the last appearance in the franchise of the creature? – traveling along the mycelial network trying to keep up with the Enterprise after she lay her eggs in the warp core. We’re treated to flashbacks including Apollo’s hand, the “planet killer”, the Tholian web, the recreation of Abraham Lincoln, the battle of the Mutara Nebula, and finally the fatal encounter with the Bird-of-Prey.

It seems that Tardigrades experience time in a non-linear fashion, like a few other species we’ve encountered in Trek. This was a fun penultimate episode to this season of Short Treks.

Cast and Crew


Kirk Thatcher

William Shatner as James T. Kirk

George Takei as Hikaru Sulu

Ricardo Montalban

Story By

Chris Silvestri

Anthony Maranville

Directed By

Michael Giacchino

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