Equinox: Part I

EP # 25
TZ Release: 09/02/2016
US Airdate: 26/05/1999
Stardate Unknown

Responding to a Federation distress call, Voyager finds the Equinox under heavy attack from creatures living in interspatial fissures. Investigating, Janeway discovers the other Captain is harbouring a dark secret…

The Trekzone Review

An episode that brings back those morals from the pilot, the morals about being stranded in the Delta Quadrant and what lengths will our crew go to in order to get home quicker. For the Equinox crew, who was surprisingly all human, they decided to commit one of the most heinous acts for a Starfleet crew… slaughter innocent creatures to fuel an advanced warp drive.

I say heinous in universe and in the script, because Gene never would’ve stood for a ‘hero’ crew acting in such a manner… perhaps that’s why Janeway was written as such a bad ass when it came to tracking him down and making him pay.

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