Eye of the Needle

EP # 06
TZ Release: 19/06/2015
US Airdate: 20/02/1995
Stardate 48579.4

Discovering subspace emissions indicative of a wormhole, the crew finds out that it’s only microscopic and won’t be a passage home. Investigating, they discover that a Romulan ship is on the other side in the Alpha Quadrant…

The Trekzone Review

While the senior staff focus on trying to establish two-way communication with a Romulan commander in the Alpha Quadrant, Kes begins her fight to support The Doctor… her lack of understanding of holograms and their lack of rights is perfect to allow her to support our medical officer. It was a very sad end to this episode as everyone realised the Romulan was from twenty years in the past… and that their messages probably will never reach their families.

A note was made on Memory Alpha that in The Neutral Zone episode of TNG, it was mentioned that when R’Mor is (2351) places him right in the middle of a period of non-communication and this could create a continuity error… but I like to think that the Romulan never mentions his encounter until after those events and does indeed pass the letters onto the Romulan Government.

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