PROD # DS9171
EP # 25
TZ Release: 18/07/2015
US Airdate: 16/06/1995

As Nog prepares for the Starfleet Academy entrance exams, Jadzia performs the zhian’tara ritual which allows her to meet her previous hosts… using the bodies of the senior staff.

The Trekzone Review

Dax’s back story gets some serious fleshing out here… we’ve heard some tidbits about the previous hosts in the past, even more about Curzon the diplomat and Klingon friend but not so much about the others. Each of the main cast (with Leeta) get to embody someone else here and break the mould for a while. Then Odo and Curzon go and try and mess it up by wanting to stay out of the symbiont.

Meanwhile Nog studies hard to get ready for the Academy entrance exams and struggles to cope with the pressure tests, and while we think he’ll just give up the Ferengi boy proves us wrong and tries harder… it’s nice to watch considering that we’ve just known him as the ‘stock boy’ and a thief. In the end the test was rigged by Quark.

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