False Profits

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Finding evidence of a wormhole in a nearby star system, the crew is shocked to find evidence of Alpha Quadrant technology at work on a primitive world. Investigating, Chakotay and Paris discover the two Ferengi from the Barzan Wormhole negotiations have corrupted the local mythology and installed themselves as Gods…

The Trekzone Review

This episode marks the seventh time Voyager has had the chance to return home before it’s snatched away from them, this time we bring a little Alpha Quadrant humour into the mix with the Ferengi from TNG’s The Price. These Ferengi are very much like their compatriots in The Next Gen, in that they are not very bright and a little dim witted – resorting to gimmicks rather than an honourable profit like Quark and Rom had strived for in DS9.

To be perfectly honest, I think this episode does the Ferengi a disservice – in much the same way I doubt the Trill could change so rapidly from the TNG ‘first contact’ to Dax’s appearance in Emissary. But, with a franchise as large as Star Trek, we as fans will always overlook the discrepancies in favour of more stories, so this one will go down for me as – eh.

Cast and Crew


Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran as Chakotay

Robert Picardo as The Doctor

Tim Russ as Tuvok

Roxann Dawson as Belanna Torres

Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris

Garrett Wang as Harry Kim

Ethan Phillips as Neelix

Jennifer Lien as Kes

Guest Cast

Dan Shor

Leslie Jordan

Michael Ensign

Rob LaBelle

Alan Altshuld

Teleplay By

Joe Menosky

Story By

George A. Brozak

Directed By

Cliff Bole

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