EP # 02
TZ Release: 07/08/2013
US Airdate: 01/10/1990

While the Enterprise undergoes repairs at Mackinley Station, Picard, still reeling from his experiences, visits the old family vineyard in France while Worf’s parents visit him on board and Wesley is given a holo recording of his father.

The Trekzone Review

This is another episode that I did not value very much as a youngster, but watching it again with the understanding of what was going on behind the scenes and the appreciation of how great this series is… it’s grown on me alot.

While season three saw stability grow in the writing staff, and it gave some great storylines… this is the episode where the series takes a turn and begins to embrace itself as a rightful member of the Star Trek family. We finally see our ship under repair from battle damage and we finally see our senior staff have family experiences.

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