Favour the Bold (5)

PROD # DS9229
EP # 05
TZ Release: 28/11/2015
US Airdate: 27/10/1997
Stardate Unknown

Tired of being on the losing end of the war, Sisko convinces Starfleet Command to launch an offensive to retake Deep Space Nine. Meanwhile, time is running out for Rom who has been sentenced to death for committing terrorist acts against the Dominion…

The Trekzone Review

Our main characters need to be on Deep Space Nine, not this Starbase that we never really get to see… and not cramped up on the Defiant, they need to be there side-by-side with the Bajorans guarding the wormhole. And after four awesome episodes we’re going to see them return.

The biggest fleet ever seen on Star Trek is assembled, Sisko has given his speech… and then TO BE CONTINUED. Thank goodness for the DVDs!

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