Friendship One

EP # 20
TZ Release: 27/12/2016
US Airdate: 25/04/2001

Charged with their first orders in seven years, the crew goes in search of an Earth probe from the 21st century called Friendship One.

But they find the probe has caused significant ecological damage to a planet, whose inhabitants want revenge?

The Trekzone Review

Spoiler… This is one of those episodes where a minor character dies and it affects you more than it should. But you know how close they are to home, he has a wife and a kid back home and his ship in a bottle was almost complete.

It was a very touching, and simple, scene with Chakotay and Janeway mourning the loss of another crew member.

As for the A plot here it was nice to get the crew working on orders from home, it gave them a sense of purpose and maybe just a little bit of a taste of whats to come.

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