Honour Among Thieves

PROD # DS9239
EP # 15
TZ Release: 29/12/2015
US Airdate: 21/02/1998
Stardate Unknown

O’Brien, working for Starfleet Intelligence, infiltrates the Orion Syndicate and befriends the man he will have to betray in order to stop a plot to assassinate a Klingon Ambassador…

The Trekzone Review

O’Brien must suffer, season six. In this installment he discovers that there is some honour among thieves and not everything is black and white, and he takes his assignment so personally that he risks it all to try and save the man he’s befriended. But things aren’t that easy in the Orion Syndicate and Bilby must carry out his mission.

It’s interesting to watch this episode, and O’Brien’s feelings at the end… they almost weigh as heavily on him as the memories of prison time he was implanted with back in season four’s Hard Time.

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