Hope and Fear

EP # 26
TZ Release: 23/11/2015
US Airdate: 20/05/1998

Following a successful mission to a trading colony, Paris and Neelix bring back an alien who helped them in a negotiation and asked for passage as payment. The alien, called Arturis, helps out once again when he decodes the message from Starfleet… which directs them to a set of co-ordinates and a new, faster, ship…

The Trekzone Review

In what has become a rare break from tradition, this season finale isn’t the beginning of a two-parter… rather a stand alone episode that could’ve either returned us home or made us continue on our journey – of course it was the latter… and of course we picked up some new technology that could shave a few hundred light years off.

Seven finally commits to the mission of returning home at the end of this episode, and I think this is the last time we get a real clash between her and Janeway for the rest of the series.

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