Hope and Fear

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Following a successful mission to a trading colony, Paris and Neelix bring back an alien who helped them in a negotiation and asked for passage as payment. The alien, called Arturis, helps out once again when he decodes the message from Starfleet… which directs them to a set of co-ordinates and a new, faster, ship…

The Trekzone Review

In what has become a rare break from tradition, this season finale isn’t the beginning of a two-parter… rather a stand alone episode that could’ve either returned us home or made us continue on our journey – of course it was the latter… and of course we picked up some new technology that could shave a few hundred light years off.

Seven finally commits to the mission of returning home at the end of this episode, and I think this is the last time we get a real clash between her and Janeway for the rest of the series.

Cast and Crew


Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran as Chakotay

Robert Picardo as The Doctor

Tim Russ as Tuvok

Roxann Dawson as Belanna Torres

Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris

Garrett Wang as Harry Kim

Ethan Phillips as Neelix

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Guest Cast

Ray Wise

Jack Shearer

Teleplay By

Brannon Braga

Joe Menosky

Story By

Rick Berman

Brannon Braga

Joe Menosky

Directed By

Winrich Kolbe

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