EP # 15
TZ Release: 04/11/2015
US Airdate: 11/02/1998

Following the Doctor’s visit to the Alpha Quadrant, Voyager receives a transmission from Starfleet on the same communication relay network. Sent to stablise one of the nodes, Seven and Tuvok are captured and interrorgated by the current owners…

The Trekzone Review

I think this episode was a little quick off the heels of the great Message in a Bottle… Starfleet just found out the crew are alive and the ship is cutting a lone path back home through the Delta Quadrant, yet somehow they managed to gather messages to all of the crew and official documents into a data burst.

Having said that, I’m glad we have a new enemy to fight… one that we haven’t seen or heard of before and that’s scary. They’re tall, dominant and nomadic – awesome.

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