In a Mirror, Darkly: Part II

PROD # ENT 195
EP # 19
TZ Release: 24/02/2013
US Airdate: 29/04/2005
Jan 18 2155

On board the 23rd century Defiant, Archer hatches a plan to seize control of the Terran Empire. A duplicitous lover, a traitorous first officer, a Gorn stowaway and several Tholian ships all have other ideas…

The Trekzone Review

What a great conclusion. As with Deep Space Nine, the counterparts to our main cast have been well written and acted… it’s very clear to see they had a blast shooting it.

CGI of the Gorn was well done, and the fight sequence was convincing to watch. And how about that plot twist at the 39 minute mark! I love how the episode just ends and … that’s it, we know no more about these characters.

All that being said, I’m looking forward to the next two episodes very much…

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