PROD # DS9177
EP # 04
TZ Release: 10/08/2015
US Airdate: 23/10/1995
Stardate Unknown

As Kira persues new information about a crashed Cardassian freighter that was carrying Bajoran prisoners, she is joined by Dukat who has a very personal reason for joining her. Meanwhile Kassidy Yates considers a move tothe station, complicating matters for Sisko…

The Trekzone Review

Dukat gets some smoothing around the edges here as he continues to become more than a two dimensional ‘bad guy.’ He has flaws and makes mistakes just like the best of us and that’s clearly on show here where we learn he was in love with a Bajoran and had fathered a child with her. He joined Kira on the hunt for the crashed prison ship but I don’t think it was Kira who talked him out of killing his daughter to save his career… I think Dukat just plain couldn’t do it.

Back on the station Kassidy continues to become a more prominent feature of Sisko’s life as she moves in and our Captain must confront his lingering feelings for Jennifer. Avery, as always, brought a real human quality and fallibility to the character.

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