Infinite Regress

EP # 07
TZ Release: 23/01/2016
US Airdate: 25/11/1998
Stardate 52188.7

When an infected Borg vinculum causes Seven to develop multiple personality disorder, Torres must find a way of deactivating it before the aliens who planted the virus return to steal the technology…

The Trekzone Review

Seven of Nine sheds a few layers of Borg rigidness and gains a layer of humanity in this display of Jeri Ryan’s awesome acting ability. Jeri herself admitted to not knowing much of Star Trek’s tapestry, yet she managed to pull off convincing impersonations of a Ferengi Daimon, a Human child, a Human mother, a Klingon master and a Vulcan.

And the inclusion of species 6339’s fighting the Borg with a bio-weapon of sorts would later be used by Icheb’s parents in season six.

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