PROD # DS9242
EP # 18
TZ Release: 09/02/2019
US Airdate: 04/08/1998
Stardate Unknown

Doctor Bashir is accused of being a Dominion collaborator…

The Trekzone Review

Welcome to Star Trek Section 31! The oft-used clandestine group that was a go-to for my fan fiction narratives. William Sadler as Sloan just delivers so much to this episode, maintaining the suspense right up until the end. The so called evidence of Bashir’s collaboration with the Dominion was quite damning and one could be forgiven for leaping to the assumption that the Doctor could be a spy.

Eventually though we learn, through the senior staff’s musing at the end of the episode, that at the end of the day we are no better than the Romulans (with the Tal Shiar) and the Cardassians (with the Obisidan Order.) Is it better not to know about the people that sacrifice the ideals they have sworn to protect?

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