Let He Who is Without Sin

PROD # DS9205
EP # 07
TZ Release: 10/02/2015
US Airdate: 11/11/1996
Stardate Unknown

While vacationing on Risa with Dax, Quark, Leeta and Bashir, Worf joins a fundamentalist group determined to start a Federation-wide political movement on the pleasure planet…

The Trekzone Review

Time for The Sexed Generation again with special guest star Vanessa Williams. We learn that some residents of the Federation aren’t happy with the way things have been progressing lately and think that planets like Risa are part of the problem… it would’ve been nice to mention the Maquis though as those willing to actually do something about the almighty Federation.

Elsewhere, Leeta and Bashir break up and Quark is that one friend that disappears for the entire trip, only to show up towards the end. I think for Worf he learns that there are some shades of grey and he has to learn to live with that… but first he joins the fundamentalists.

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