EP # 06
TZ Release: 06/11/2017
US Airdate: 22/10/2017
Stardate Unknown

En route to investigate the possibility of peace with the Klingons, Ambassador Sarek is the victim of an assassination attempt. Feeling his pain, Michael must use her unique connection to locate him…

The Trekzone Review

Six episodes in and I get the feeling that the writers are trying to placate the fans by dropping as many cannonical references as they can within the fifty minute window… don’t get me wrong I love it, but I just wish that the series could stand on it’s own two feet without requiring the previous 728 episodes to hold it up. I guess the time will come where this show will carve it’s own path and be able to rise above the need.

For now though, I enjoyed learning more about the Sarek/Burnham relationship and how it influenced the Sarek/Spock one… and despite what I said in the previous paragraph, I really enjoyed the retconning of the breakdown in the latter’s relationship – he’d chosen the half Vulcan to serve in the Vulcan Expeditionary Force, but Spock had other ideas and joined Starfleet.

By the way, just who is Ash Tyler?

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