Majority Rule

EP # 07
TZ Release: 25/10/2019
US Airdate: 26/10/2017

The Orville must mount a rescue mission when LaMarr is arrested on a developing planet, whose legal system imposes a court of public opinion……

The Trekzone Review

In the first serious analysis of modern society through a science fiction lens for The Orville, we take a look at mob rule – and the popularity contest that is this world we live in now thanks to social media. Writer Seth asks the question, what if our system of law and order was replaced by a true democracy – where everyone decides everyone else’s conviction?

While there are modern cars on the streets, with our brand names etc, point of sale systems that are barely alien, there was a line of dialogue that tried to dismiss them away – with this society being of a mirrored development to Earth – and we’ve seen that before in other scifi shows, so it gets a pass mark from me.

The overall concept of this episode is scarily close to what we have now, although at least our justice system has some level of control overall…

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