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EP # 02
TZ Release: 31/01/2020
US Airdate: 30/01/2020
Stardate Unknown

After being turned down for a ship to command by Starfleet, Picard seeks out his former intelligence officer to aid in his search for Dahj’s sister.

The Trekzone Review

Here we go with the second episode of this new series. Right after a flashback to the attack on Mars by the synthetics, we immediately pick up where we left off in the last episode – with Picard keen to track down those responsible for Dahj’s death.

We learn that the Tal Shiar not only survived the catastrophic attack on the Founders Homeworld, but they’ve returned to their former glory as the Romulan secret police and that there is a secret portion of the secret portion that have deep seeded hatred for all things artificial.

On a personal note, I struggled to rewatch the first episode last week after catching it on the media pre-release, but I’ve always struggled to rewatch pilot episodes of any series… mainly for the continual world and character building, which I already know all about. This week, however, I was hooked and thoroughly enjoyed the forty four minutes.

Particular highlights this week include the music swell as we return to Headquarters for the first time (in chronology) since the Breen attack and it’s great to see everything’s been rebuilt and thriving once more. We have a public transporter system (keyed to comm badges perhaps?) Immediately followed by Picard having to introduce himself to the receptionist.

As with any Star Trek episode these days we need to address the recycled arguments that come up every week – Starfleet wouldn’t do that, the Federation wouldn’t sanction that, that’s not what Gene imagined for the future. It seems that Picard is trying really hard to address the utopian vision of the future and temper it with how the real world would work. From simple lines of dialogue, to overt plot points.

A perfect example is Picard’s meeting with the CinC, describing the resistance among members of the Federation Council for the rescue effort following the Hobus Star supernova. It’s a fascinating analysis of just what it would take to evacuate and save the homeworld of a bitter cold war enemy… would the US do it for Russia in the 70’s?

Meanwhile, at the reclamation site, we gain some insight into what the Romulans are doing as they extract parts from former Borg drones and analyse the technology of the former cube. This time we have a rogue Commodore, instead of the usual trope of an Admiral, just what exactly is Commodore Oh up to? We can assume that she’s masquerading as a Vulcan but I feel there is something more to this…

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