Mortal Coil

EP # 12
TZ Release: 01/11/2015
US Airdate: 17/12/1997

After being killed then revived by Seven’s nanoprobes following an accident during an away mission, Neelix struggles with a crisis of faith…

The Trekzone Review

You know what this episode is going to be about by watching the opening act… all about Neelix’s day-to-day duties and by the way, do you remember the Wildman child? Yeah, she’s still around and it looks like the writers have finally found a use for her.

Ethan Phillips gets the chance to flex his acting muscles and it is good. His abilities to swing from humerous to serious are what make him a valuable addition to the ensemble. Meanwhile, Seven’s resurrection techniques are never seen again, are they…? Convenient plot device is convenient.

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