Natural Law

EP # 21
TZ Release: 28/12/2016
US Airdate: 02/05/2001
Stardate 54827.7

On their way to a scientific conference on Ledos, Chakotay and Seven’s shuttle crashes into a force field protecting a wilderness area. Meanwhile, Paris is forced back to flight school after breaking local laws while piloting the Delta Flyer…

The Trekzone Review

Remember those sparks that flew between holo-Chakotay and Seven a few episodes back? Well they’re flying again and this time for reals… but this time it is burning slowly and dimly, allowing for these two colleagues to work together very well in challenging circumstances. Chakotay feels at home with the Ventu – people of the land, like his people – but he also recognises the damage he is causing just by being there.

Meanwhile, Paris is fined for breaking local flying rules and is forced into a three day safety course… you just know hilarity will ensue at his expense.

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