EP # 07
TZ Release: 07/03/2020
US Airdate: 05/03/2020

Arriving on Nepenthe, Picard and Soji seek help from the Troi’s. Meanwhile, on the Artifact, Hugh and Elnor await their fate…

The Trekzone Review

The action is really heating up as we race towards the end of the first season of Picard. We immediately get confirmation that Commodore Oh is a Romulan double agent and that she’s got a mission for Jurati.

On board the cube, Hugh faces the consequences of his betrayal of the Tal Shiar, heavily, in a beautiful scene that culminates in a sublime performance by Evan.

On the episode’s namesake planet, Nepenthe, we first meet Kestra – a great throwback to Deanna’s sister who passed away – before we get some really awesome feels meeting the Troi’s again… they’re older, but they’re our former crewmates and it’s great to see them again.

It’s brilliant to think that by 2399 homes can be equipped with shields and sensors, and while a lot of talk has surrounded the pizza recipe, we have to remember that the bunnycorn is a venomous creature rather a cute, fluffy and innocent animal…

My money is on Raffi being the first one that suspected Agnes had an ulterior motive, while back on the planet Riker shows he hasn’t lost any of his whit as he guesses everything Picard’s going through in all of thirty seconds!

Each week, almost as if the show is produced in response to the vocal minority, we get more answers to the questions we had while some more questions are thrown into the air.

Michael Chabon’s weekly Instagram story confirms that despite everyone calling Will “Commander” in this episode, if he were to be recalled to active duty he would retain his Captain rank (gained following Nemesis, when he took command of the Titan.)

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