New Dimensions

EP # 11
TZ Release: 29/10/2019
US Airdate: 30/11/2017

Following a damaging encounter with a spatial anomaly, Chief Engineer Newton departs the ship and Mercer must assign a replacement…

The Trekzone Review

In a sign that story threads continue across multiple episodes, we see the continuation of the Ed and Kelly relationship… one that was so rough at the start of the show, that grew into a professional repartee before coming almost full circle following the events of Cupid’s Dagger. Seth and Adrianne play their characters with finesse and grace across the episode, even as Ed battles with the events that led him to the big chair.

Also making great strides is LaMarr, who is promoted to Chief Engineer (and Lt Commander) at the end of this episode after saving the ship from two dimensional space and a probable Krill attack. We bid farewell to Chief Newton (nice nod there) and everyone has a meaningful place on the ship now.

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