Nothing Human

EP # 08
TZ Release: 24/01/2016
US Airdate: 02/12/1998
Stardate Unknown

An injured, non-humanoid alien attaches itself to Lt. Torres. Struggling to cope with the unusual case, The Doctor creates a holgraphic recreation of Crell Moset – an infamous Cardassian surgeon who reportedly experimented on Bajorans during the Occupation…

The Trekzone Review

A medical dilemma… you can save the patient but in doing so you will validate some cruel practices performed during the brutal Occupation of Bajor… would you do it? Janeway ignores Torres’ wishes and thinks of the ship, which as a Captain I would most likely have done the same thing, the needs of the many and all that.

Crell does make a very interesting point when he and The Doctor discuss the finer points of morality, humans have been experimenting on rats and mice – lower lifeforms – for decades, is that not just as wrong? As only a handful of Voyager episodes do, this one doesn’t really conclude… it leaves you wondering.

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