PROD # ENT 120
EP # 19
TZ Release: 21/09/2012
US Airdate: 03/04/2002
Stardate c. Jan 2152

Searching for engineering supplies, a trader named D’Marr points Enterprise in the direction of a crashed ship – however despite no bio readings, the crew very much object to outside interference…

The Trekzone Review

Stories of a haunted ship… a crew that appears out of thin air… a good semi-frightening opening ten minutes… leading to a rather dull remainder. While it was fun to give Trip another alien female engineer-type character to interact with, giving T’Pol some great lines about the last time he tried to help an alien female, there wasn’t much else to write about in this episode.

Although, I will say that I’m a little over the righteous high ground many episodes of Star Trek take, these people were perfectly content being left alone, along come our crew looking for spare parts – and when they get asked to leave, they say “no, we can help you.”

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