Past Tense: Part I

PROD # DS9157
EP # 11
TZ Release: 04/07/2015
US Airdate: 08/01/1995
Stardate 48481.2

Returning to Earth for the Annual Starfleet Symposium Sisko, Bashir and Dax are transported three hundred years into the past following a variance of chroniton particles. They arrive just before the Bell Riots, a pivotal moment in Earth history in the twenty first century…

The Trekzone Review

Although it was a little preachy in parts this episode really demonstrates how different Deep Space Nine is to the Star Trek franchise that has come before. It’s confusing how this depiction of the past fits in with the Eugenics Wars that supposedly began in 1996 and here are the Sanctuary Districts and no real sign of a world war in 2024.

Having Dax being rescued by a successful business man enables the juxtapositioning between the good and the poor… and sadly we are certainly heading down this path in the real world.

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