Penumbra (1)

PROD # DS9267
EP # 17
TZ Release: 06/08/2016
US Airdate: 07/04/1999

There are only nine episodes left in the amazing series of Deep Space Nine. This is The Final Chapter.
Sisko ignores the Sarah Prophet’s warning about marrying Kassidy Yates, while Ezri steals a runabout to search for Worf who was commanding a Klingon ship ambushed by a Dominion patrol…

The Trekzone Review

And so we come as we inevitably must to the end game, the final roll of the dice and DS9 has become the sort of series to not whimper out… we’ve started this amazing journey that builds storyline upon storyline as we begin to say goodbye to the characters we’ve spent seven years getting to know.

On this episode, Ezri and Worf confront their lingering feelings towards each other, defying Trill taboo while Sisko defies the Prophets by proposing to Kassidy Yates. I’m excited for what is to come…

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