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As L’Rell’s authority on Qo’noS is threatened, Tilly struggles to keep a grip on reality while Amanda pays a visit to Discovery with news about Spock…

The Trekzone Review

Klingons have hair, the D7 is about to become the more recognisable shape we know and Ash Tyler is coming back to the ship (sigh.) We get some potential background on the Albino maybe? and see the Monestary at Boreth for the first chronological time. I’m glad we leave the Klingons behind (for a while?) after this, they’ve just had their storyline run to conclusion – how much more trouble can L’Rel get into?

Meanwhile, Amanda comes bearing news that Spock has been undisciplined and needs help… by bringing a stolen – and encrypted – medical file! We get some insight and some more teasing into what is to come.

Mary Wiseman once again knocking it out of the park as Tilley, the raw emotion on display is exactly what you’d expect from an as-yet unseasoned officer.

Cast and Crew


Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Doug Jones as Saru

Anthony Rapp as Paul Staments

Mary Wiseman as Slyvia Tilly

Anson Mount as Christopher Pike

Special Guests

Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou

Guest Cast

Mia Kirshner

Alan Van Sprang

Mary Chieffo

Kenneth Mitchell

Bahia Watson

Hannah Cheesman

Emily Coutts

Oyin Oladejo

Ronnie Rowie Jr.

Julianne Grossman

Xavier Sotelo

David Benjamin Tomlinson

Damon Runyan

Story By

Andrew Colville

Directed By

Olatunde Osunsanmi

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