Preemptive Strike

EP # 24
TZ Release: 15/06/2015
US Airdate: 14/05/1994
Stardate 47941.7

Returning from Advanced Tactical Training on Earth, Ro Laren is ordered undercover to uncover a Maquis cell. What she discovers, however, will change her life forever…

The Trekzone Review

The penultimate episode to the first spin off of Star Trek… and it’s really only here to set up the third spin off and help the second. Having said that, Ro’s back… and Michelle is such a talented actress and that makes us very sympathetic to the struggle our Bajoran friend is going through while trying to weed out the ‘terrorists.’ She sees so much of the Bajoran resistance in them and can’t help to become enamoured with them.

I quite enjoyed Nechayev’s humanisation in this episode, especially after her cold bloodedness in The Maquis two-parter… but she is still an idealistic officer who believes in the core values of Starfleet.

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