EP # 05
TZ Release: 23/10/2019
US Airdate: 05/10/2017

A time-travelling antiques dealer arrives on the Orville, intent on stealing the ship for private collectors in the future……

The Trekzone Review

This is where we begin really comparing The Orville to The Next Generation, as some of the storylines to come in this season and the next are taken from Trek and reshaped into an Orville variant. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it does kind of smell a little fishy here given it’s close approximation to Trek, and the readiness to be able to identify just which episode it was.

With that said, A Matter of Time never got Charlize Theron to make a guest appearance, and AMoT didn’t show us the past (future) of where our historian (bounty hunter) came from. Overall a good episode.

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