Prodigal Daughter

PROD # DS9261
EP # 11
TZ Release: 08/01/2016
US Airdate: 01/06/1999
Stardate Unknown

Following the disappearance of O’Brien while searching for Bilby’s widow, Ezri seeks her families help on New Sydney where they have powerful connections through their mining operation…

The Trekzone Review

This episode gave some nice moments for Ezri to grow as a character, it’s certainly never easy being the new kid on the block – especially in the last season of a series – but Nicole plays this family episode well, working with her character’s family well to portray a sense that this is a real family that has some real issues that need to be worked out.

This is also the final ‘O’Brien must suffer’ episode, which started way back in season two with Tribunal.

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