Profit and Lace

PROD # DS9247
EP # 23
TZ Release: 01/03/2016
US Airdate: 10/02/2019

Ferengi society is thrown into chaos when Grand Nagus Zek declares that females can wear clothing. When Brunt is installed as the acting Nagus, Quark, Rom and Nog help Zek and Ishka reclaim the throne…

The Trekzone Review

Another Ferengi episode which DS9 does so well, with Quark having to step up for his injured mother during delicate negotiations with one of the commissioner of the Ferengi Commerce Authority, even enjoying dinner together!

This episode also tackles equal rights in a very literal sense, as the Ferengi grapple with 55% of their population suddenly being ‘legitamised.’ Armin delivers a stellar performance as the cross dressing Quark to help secure the vote, and we get to hear about slug-o-cola! Awesome sauce.

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