Project Daedalus

EP # 09
TZ Release: 20/03/2019
US Airdate: 14/03/2019
Stardate Unknown

Following our crew’s infiltration of the headquarters of Section 31, they learn of a traitor in their midst. Meanwhile, Burnham tries to help Spock – but her efforts don’t quite go to plan.

The Trekzone Review

So long Airiam, we hardly knew ye.  While this one delivers on some major plots – some brewing since the first season – it frustrated in a few others, but was capably handled and steered in the right direction by Sonequa and Hannah Cheesman.

The biggest bone I have to pick with this episode is the lack of character development in the beginning. We were so focused on Lorca and Burnham that we lost sight of Star Trek‘s gift – it’s ensemble cast. The writers recognised this and really gave us a lot to chew on even way back in the season premiere. This episode really forced home Airiam’s ties with our bridge crew so much so that I knew from about the 5 minute mark that she was destined to be not long for this world. Sure, it was exciting to watch… waiting for that moment, but once the initial shock of her sudden departure by way of an open airlock I was back to thinking – yeap, called it.

I just hope, as morbid as this is, that her death is permanent. We’ve already had Culber rise from the dead and Saru fake us out a few eps back. Elsewhere, while there were some great character moments with others on our team and the storyline kept moving forward – not suffering the same fate as a few others eps in the series have with too many plots on the boil.

I feel that Pike broke character when he asked Cornwall what kind of shitstorm they were flying into and again when he blew up at her on the bridge. But I also think that Anson handled these well and in stride with the character, perhaps Pike is trying to fit in with his crew?

All in all, I did feel that writer Michelle Paradise struggled with her first outing on Star Trek, whether she didn’t know the characters or the series is unclear but there were some certain moments of utter lunacy that the usual trope of “tech needed to solve problem is unavailable due to another problem” wasn’t even trotted out.

Hopefully Paradise settles in, finds some old VHS’es and watch the series before she takes on her role as showrunner in season 3.

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