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EP # 01
TZ Release: 09/10/2019
US Airdate: 05/10/2019
Stardate Unknown

In Memory of Dr. Robert Chabon
Ensign Spock’s first few hours on the U.S.S. Enterprise don’t go exactly to plan, when the turbolift he’s in with Number One malfunctions and stalls…

The Trekzone Review

And we’re back with Short Treks, proof from the eye that a meaningful story can be told in less than 30 minutes that’s also fun and engaging. First up this season, we’re spending some time in an Enterprise turbolift on Spock’s first day aboard the ship.

And while the new style is cool with me, I’m baffled why they persist with the cavernous interior of the ship where the turbolifts roam around – sure I get that the straight up and down shafts don’t match how they’d move around the ship – but all that huge open space could be used by the 400+ souls on board…

By the by, this was a brilliant character piece which established (once again) these characters that we first met in the very first Star Trek episode. It was fun and it was engaging.

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