EP # 20
TZ Release: 06/10/2013
US Airdate: 22/04/1991

Q’s back, and this time he’s intent on exploiting the lingering tension between Picard and Vash… he creates a recreation of Robin Hood… with Picard as Robin Hood, and Vash as Maid Marian!

The Trekzone Review

I love a good Star Trek fantasy episode… and this is one of the best! These episodes always bring out the best in our characters… and Worf especially this time! (Smashing that mandolin…priceless!)

I guess I was too young at the time, but apparently there was an interest in Robin Hood around the time of this episodes first broadcast… but I think there’s enough of a twist on the classic tale for this to be a fun outing for our crew!

The next time we’ll meet Q and Vash is in Deep Space Nine’s season one Q-Less where she’ll see her mistake was to leave with Q.

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