PROD # ENT 156
EP # 4
TZ Release: 04/11/2012
US Airdate: 01/10/2003
Stardate Unknown

While the Xindi council argue about how to deal with Enterprise, Archer follows the trail to a local market and takes on an enigmatic and devious passenger: a beautiful slave named Rajiin.

The Trekzone Review

Ah, slaves… where would Star Trek be without them? Our starship captains wouldn’t be able to swoop in and save the day all the while championing everyones right to freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a right to be free… but every chance any Starfleet Captain gets he has to put the slave owner in their place.

It was great to see the Remans board Enterprise and totally lay waste to the MACOs and Reed’s men – so much for them, huh!?

Wait… what? They weren’t Remans? … then who… oh! they couldn’t think of anything else to make from the wardrobe? Carry on…

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