Real Life

EP # 22
TZ Release: 17/09/2015
US Airdate: 23/04/1997

When the Doctor creates a holographic family that’s all too perfect, Torres helps to teach him a few real life lessons, Voyager investigates subspace disruptions…

The Trekzone Review

The Doctor learns a few home truths about family, how everything can’t just be programmed and expected to work seamlessly. Meanwhile, Janeway – in her persistant quest to investigate absolutley everything, no matter the consequences – tells everyone that they should fly into the very dangerous subspace anomaly.

Lindsey Haun was the perfect cast for Belle, her performance was outstanding and helped Bob play a very conflicted and confused father. In the end as Belle lay on the hospital bed dying, The Doctor realised that he is more human then he realises… he can’t save everyone, and that’s the hardest lesson to learn… our Doctor is not just a hologram anymore.

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