Realm of Fear

EP # 02
TZ Release: 12/05/2015
US Airdate: 28/09/1992
Stardate 46041.1

Investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Yosemite in the Igo sector, the Enterprise finds the stricken vessel caught in a plasma streamer… forcing Lieutenant Barclay to face his fear of the transporter.

The Trekzone Review

It’s nice to see that phobias are still a thing in the 24th century… and not only that, we get to spend some time with Lieutenant Broccoli – sorry! Barclay. This was a nice technical episode that’s a refreshing change from the two episodes where we spent most of the time in the 19th century.

I think having the transporter as the object feared by the Lieutenant was interesting because it’s something we take for granted in the Star Trek universe. I guess it’d be similiar to people who are afraid of flying in current time, and how do they try and manager – or supress – that fear. It was nice to Reg save the day for those four crew members, he’s now become not just a gimick character.

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