Redemption: Part I

EP # 26
TZ Release: 12/10/2013
US Airdate: 17/06/1991
Stardate 44995.3

Picard must balance his Starfleet and Klingon duties when Gowron calls for his help as the Klingon Empire plunges into civil war. Despite Starfleet calling it an internal matter, Gowron believes there is a third party at work. Meanwhile, Worf fights to regain his father’s honour…

The Trekzone Review

A massive episode in the fabric of the Star Trek universe. From this point on a level of serialisation will be embedded in episodes, not to the point that you need to have seen them all to make sense of it, but enough to make you want to watch them in order.

It was about time Worf’s dishonour was addressed, and introduce a new enemy for the series… and boy did this one deliver and then some! But now, just like when it first aired… I have to wait a month or two for the season five BluRay! This’ll make the two parter even better!

Now, if you missed the voice in The Mind’s Eye and earlier in this episode… your mind would be, quite rightly, blown by the appearance of what looks like Tasha Yar in Romulan garb. Of course, these days we know what happened – and it pays homage to the great season three episode none of our crew remember Yesterday’s Enterprise. Bring on more TNG!

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