PROD # ENT 149
EP # 23
TZ Release: 30/10/2012
US Airdate: 07/05/2003
Stardate Mar 1 2153

Discovering the bodies of cybernetically enhanced aliens and the wreckage of a ship in the Arctic circle, a group of researchers invite trouble when the bodies are thawed and wake up…

The Trekzone Review

This episode adds to my theory that Enterprise is apart of the new J.J. universe – and that it all started in the 2050’s when the Borg went back in time during First Contact. Despite the Enterprise-E following and stopping the Borg, perhaps what the citizens of Earth did afterwards that built the timeline.

In regards to the Borg being defeated by the NX-01, I believe that it’s possible … given that the Borg learn by assimilating, they would not have known about the tactics and weapons used (the holographic gun killing real Borg…)

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