EP # 12
TZ Release: 26/07/2015
US Airdate: 27/11/1995

After successfully bargaining for tellerium on the Mokra homeworld, Torres and Tuvok are captured by Mokra soldiers while Janeway is taken in by a delusional old man who believes the Captain is his long-lost daughter…

The Trekzone Review

Torres and Tuvok get some time together after never having a scene together so far (I’m pretty sure.) It’s an interesting dynamic, the hotheaded half-Klingon and the stoic Vulcan, that the actors play very well. Meanwhile, Janeway is taken completely out of her comfort zone and ends up making an old man happy by accepting his delusions of his long-lost daughter returning home.

Something alluded to in Cold Fire is reaffirmed here – this episode further insinuates that Voyager has been making a lot of enemies in this quadrant during their time here.

While “these guys are villains” is the story, we learn about it from this old man named Caylem who lost his daughter and his wife to their brutality which gives it a very sweet and touching tone while hitting you right in the feels with the ending.

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