EP # 07
TZ Release: 12/08/2013
US Airdate: 05/11/1990
Stardate 44246.3

Captain Picard is chosen to select the new Klingon Chancellor after the previous one is murdered. Ambassador K’Ehleyr is invited to attend and she surprises Worf … with a son.

The Trekzone Review

Suzi Plakson is hilarious! I love how she goads Worf most of the time. This is the first time we meet Gowron and the seeds of discontent in the Empire are sown and the first time we meet Alexander. I”ve come to love open ended episodes and this one delivered a few corkers to be followed up on later – Alexander, Mogh’s honour, Duras’ deceit and just how did they get Romulan bomb tech?

I think Worf delivered the “I am your father” line better than Darth did in that other franchise too.

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