PROD # DS9130
EP # 10
TZ Release: 30/04/2015
US Airdate: 28/11/1993
Stardate 47391.2

A group of refugees from the Gamma Quadrant appear through the wormhole in search of their fabled homeworld – Kentanna.

The Trekzone Review

I’m back with DS9 after a long bout with TNG and TOS… and I must say that it’s nice to be back with the series. I think that Deep Space Nine has survived the cultural gap that has been built over the last twenty years (by nothing more than progress and changing styles…) because it dared to tell these darker stories, I guess trying to be like Babylon 5.

Kira once again is front and centre on this episode as she continues to graple with her new role as the first officer of the station. The darker ending to the episode also helped to cement that things were not going to be perfect all the time in this series.

Second mention of ‘something called the Dominion’ and that battle between the Bajoran interceptors and the Skrreean ship being played out on the Ops console was more powerful than actually seeing it, it made me feel helpless… as much as – I imagine – Kira and Sisko on the station.

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