Second Sight

PROD # DS9129
EP # 09
TZ Release: 09/04/2013
US Airdate: 21/11/1993
Stardate 47329.4

On the fourth anniversary of the Battle of Wolf 359, Sisko meets a beautiful alien woman who keeps disappearing. Meanwhile, visiting the station is Professor Seyetik, a gifted terraformer who is hoping to revitalise a dead star… and to Sisko’s surprise his wife looks surprisingly similar to the woman he met.

The Trekzone Review

Not much to tell in this episode unfortunately. For the first time in Trek we see someone remembering a major battle – albeit for about four seconds of screen time. Sisko has an “encounter” (winky face) and a star is reborn like the Genesis planet… what? no Klingons? Not even a mention? *sigh*

By the way, who exactly was in command of the Prometheus – the Professor’s ship? Don’t tell me Starfleet Command are handing out commissions to Lt. Commanders just so our station commander is the ranking officer?

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