PROD # DS9170
EP # 24
TZ Release: 17/07/2015
US Airdate: 22/05/1995
Stardate Unknown

Following the death of the Bajoran First Minister, Kai Winn runs unopposed to become the new leader of the government. When the Kai asks for Kira’s help to recover ‘stolen’ soil reclaimators from her old resistance leader, Nerys finds an unlikely contender for the government position…

The Trekzone Review

Time for some Kira Nerys character development as the spiritual leader tries to control the government as well. Our first officer discovers that there is a man who can give her a run for her money. The Shakaar Resistance Cell also gets expanded on here, and the group of friends that Kira made during her time fighting the Cardassians.

This isn’t the first time that Kira has been tasked with doing the provisional government’s bidding, in the first season she had to evict an old man from his farm, which eventually forced her to set his house on fire. This time around she’s not so easily pushed over to be a government puppet… if anything Winn seals her fate here.

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