Shuttlepod One

PROD # ENT 116
EP # 15
TZ Release: 17/09/2012
US Airdate: 13/02/2002
Stardate Nov 9 2151

Aboard Shuttlepod One for a weapons test in an asteroid field, Reed and Trip find themselves marooned when a mysterious explosion cripples the craft. Finding debris from Enterprise, and no way to contact them, they assume the worse and prepare for their fate…

The Trekzone Review

Since I first saw this episode, I’ve come to appreciate character driven storylines. This episode is a prime example of good character development between our armory officer and chief engineer… each start out hating each other but soon bond over a shared experience.

This was an interesting way to tell a tried and true story, a peril that we never thought we’d experience in the Star Trek universe because everything is so safe… but it really made me question whether I could climb aboard a spacecraft on a deep space mission, because there is nothing out there for you to fall back on if you run out of oxygen or any of the other life-sustaining elements.

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