Soldiers of the Empire

PROD # DS9219
EP # 21
TZ Release: 16/10/2015
US Airdate: 29/04/1997

Worf and Martok take command of the IKS Rotarran in search of a lost battle cruiser. However, as the General continues to ‘play it safe’ Worf must decide between his loyalty to the crew as first officer and Martok, his commanding officer…

The Trekzone Review

Remember General Martok? Yeah, that one eyed Klingon we rescued from the Dominion Internment Camp a few months back… he’s still on the station and becoming good friends with our Klingon officer. But when he takes command of the bird of prey Rotarran the General doesn’t appreciate the crew’s demoralised state and Worf must make it all work and he does it well. Having Dax along for the ride allowed us to see that she isn’t just the Par’mach’kai of Worf, but a very capable officer.

A brilliant installment to help bring Martok into our extended family…

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