Statistical Probabilities

PROD # DS9233
EP # 09
TZ Release: 26/12/2015
US Airdate: 22/11/1997
Stardate Unknown

Bashir works with a group of genetically modified individuals, whose surgery was not as successful as his own. Together they come up with some astonishing recommendations to Starfleet regarding the Dominion War…

The Trekzone Review

War, from the ‘paper pushers’ perspective. It’s all about the numbers and how less is better – even if that less is a lot and the ultimate cost is generations of oppression under Dominion rule.

Both these individuals and Bashir get some valuable lessons in morality and how to use the powers they were illegaly given for good… in true DS9 style, providing some shades of grey to the black and white issue of genetic engineering.

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